Monday, 28 September 2009

Happy Birthday Madam Z

I'm glad that I have this blogsite because tonight I want to share with all the readers that tomorrow is the birthday of my favouritest lecturer, Madam Zamrudah Haji Ahmad Rashidi. And just like other students, I wanna show that a student will always be willing to go the extra mile for their favourite teacher/lecturer. Therefore, here I am writing a post especially for my beloved lecturer. This is for you, Mdm Z,...

I wish, I am ridiculously rich; then, I can repay your kindness with wealth and everything beautiful,
I wish, I am extremely famous; then, I can let the world know that you're so great and so very cool,
I wish, I am extraordinarily gifted; then, I'll be able to solve ur probs, no matter how miniscule,
and sometimes I wish, I could turnback time: then I can be ur student again, yet not b d 'ol fool,
But wishes are all that I have, and 'cos you've taught me well, I now realised and I'm grateful,
That the measure of a wish, is never skin's deep, Thus, from the bottom of my 'hati'
I am wishing you; Happy Birthday Mdm. Z. May you forever be Happy. 

You're the best, Madam Z.....

p/s: click on the picture for larger view of it.... taken from a camping site in Tongod.


ah^kam_koko' said...

A good teacher is remembered forever, eh?

Anonymous said...

Faisal dear, you have succeeded in leaving me in tears, again, just like that teacher's day three years ago with that totally unexpected poem & bouquet!

I know years from now, even soon, you too will be remembered as fondly by your students for your big, warm heart, loving & caring ways...for being a "big brother", a father figure even, to these pendalaman kids.

I'm so proud of you, and the many other "adik-adiks" I have gained over the years & I'm so glad our paths crossed...

Love, sayang & prayers always

your Mdm. Z

Poh Lin said...

this is really sweet! Happy Belated Birthday Mdm Z =). I know you are being admired and respected by ur students just as much as u admire and respect Mdm Z. ;)