Friday, 4 September 2009

Breaking Fast in the Dark

Just a short update. Want to share with you a picture I took on Wednesday when we had to break our fast in the darkness of the night. We had about 24 hours of power disruption thus, we also had our Terawih prayer with only the candles' light glimmering around us. It was pretty romantic and for sure it's a memorable one.
And here's a picture of students having 'moreh' after terawih...

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Anonymous said...

faisal...i looked at these pictures with such great respect at your spirit, determination and strength. not everyone can go through what you go, jarod, dharani, and the many other ipbarians out there in rural sabah & sarawak.

this is part of ibadah, & pengorbanan yg tidak ternilai. i'm proud of you, adikku!

Mdm. z