Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Elephant's Memory

Once there was a little baby elephant,
sad and alone, just like an orphan.
He was trapped, in one big circus.
He was weak and really helpless.
His four legs, tied thoroughly tight,
couldn't escape, even with all his might.

Four ropes tied to four stakes so firmly,
hammered to the ground, really sturdy.
But he didn't give up he kept on struggling,
till after a year, he finally stopped trying.

Years passed by, he's no longer a baby,
He grew up big, so strong and healthy.
The ropes were now tied just loose, really!
And the stakes were no longer, planted firmly.

But because he has elephant's memory,
his mind tells him he couldn't break free.
If only he would try, and move forward a bit,
He'll realise he's wrong, then he can succeed.

Faisal Abdullah(c) 

Note: This would be my first time sharing my own poem with the readers of my blogs. Some of you might have realise that I have another blog, FirusAzali purely just as an archive for all my written works, including the silly ones. I am sharing this poem because I felt that it is like my first real piece and I want to share it with people who would appreciate it. So, I hope you like it, ... or not. Comments and criticisms are really welcomed. Thank heaps for reading.


ah^kam_koko' said...

It's nice!
Keep on sharing! =)

Doria Tai said...

I like this poem, its quite a piece of works ! You got the story well done ! Thanks for sharing !