Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Recent Flood in Tongod

"Even the dogs need savin' when the flood comes"

I've been writing just literature for quite a while and I guess to be true to the purpose of this blog, I should share with my fellow readers the happening in Tongod. Last January, we were hit by the worst flood incident in 19 years... So, here's some pics for you guys to see...

This is the picture before it all went bad... at this time it has been alternately raining and drizzling  non-stop for 3 days

Early in the morning, the house on the background were submerged at the end of the day.

The light blue house on the other end of the bridge is my house. Lucky we got to this side earlier, or else, we could've stranded for few days.

Students were evacuated from the hostel to the higher ground

"The river's a monster...."

"Extreme water polo. Anyone?" Yes, you got it right, that's the top of the goal post

"Not my kind of car wash"

 Two days after the flood...


Poh Lin said...

dear faisal,
i am baffled and amazed by your determination and optimism. what you have gone through and achieved is phenomenal! im already so encouraged just by reading ur blog. ur awesome, i dun think i would handle the situation as well as u should i be in ur shoes =). great work!

ah^kam_koko' said...

The worst part about a flood is the clean up.
Tell us about that too!

mawar mustika johnny aziz said...

greeting there...i stumbled upon this blog when i am searching for some write up about poetry for my course.and this post about tongod..i am suddenly remembered about the trip i make with my father to the remote part of sugut and penindakan when i saw the picture in this post :)...i am still missing the taste of adventure by using boat for hours and all the beautiful riverbanks..btw,nice blog

SUZALIE said...

What do you think of causing this kind of mud flood? Natural Water catchment gone because of logging.